I have always wanted a "real magic wand" since I was a kid. I remember trying hard to seek for the real wand that I saw from cartoon in toy stores. I remember I didn't find any real ones...
When I was a kid, I didn't understand it's the plastic material makes the object looks cheap. I knew the ones in the toy stores are not as shiny and magical as I expected. I have always wanted to bring the objects directly from fantasy cartoon world to make them look more real. My desire of making those things from fantasies by providing better material quality arouse more and more since I became a designer and a maker while my passion and my love about fantasies never faded. 
3D Iterations

3D Rendering

Making Process
The pumpkin and the vine were created with 3D printer. The pumpkin was firstly imagined to be made with glass. I later on got to know this special 3D printer filament that is transparent. With 3D printer, the shape of the prototype could be more precise as my original design. 
The base was designed to be transparent. When the full size model was made, it is found that the base wouldn't be stable enough to hold the whole structure. So it is then decided to be made with metal, and each pieces of the stand is welded together.

First Prototype

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