Other than a furniture designer, I see myself as a musician. Drums are my favorite instruments among the ones I play. I am always passionate whenever I practice and play the drums, and I found similar sense of passion when I weld metals. I enjoyed the movements of welding torch as much as the movements of my drumsticks. I drew the movements of drum sticks and some parts of the drums down, and tried to bring my obsession with drums into my furniture design. 
My sketches of my drums, they show the movements of drum sticks and the chains when the instrument is working.

Initial forms......

First Chipboard Model was way too big, I kept the shape, and scaled it down later.

My initial design didn't include the tube on the edge. But from the chipboard model, I learnt that the edge might be too sharpe for the users. So I decided to weld tubes on all the edges to make the surface more friendly. 
Cleaning was painful, but I enjoy the outcomes! I like how the edges are rigid and clean
Working on Upholstery
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